Class Types:

An intelligent, effective and challenging way to work out in a small group. We focus on form first.  Our equipment and teaching methods allow for not only a great variety of exercises, but also promote flexibility, mobility and power in every part of the body. Pilates Reformer & Equipment classes allow you to continuously progress, offering you the optimal challenge that will help you reach your fitness goals. 

Our NEW VibePlate equipment offers Whole Body Vibration (WBV) which will improve overall health by stimulating muscles — specifically, motor neurons. Whether you are looking for  strength gains, increased flexibility, weight loss, cellulite reduction, or a better way to recover from your workouts, the VibePlate is the tool for you. VibePlates improve lymphatic circulation using various frequency levels to provoke your muscles into contracting repeatedly. Over time, your coordination, balance and strength steadily improve. VibePlates are used in our Yoga Classes and incorporated in our Fusion Classes.

REF 123

FitForm's signature Reformer Class.  All levels welcome.  


Utilizing STOTT Stability Chairs, Physio Balls, VibePlates and much more to enhance stability, improve body-control and achieve upper and lower body strength. This class is affectionately named "ball & chain."

REF Fusion

Beginning with Reformers moving to the VibePlates and TRX,  this class is designed to increase strength, mobility, endurance and enhance recovery. This format is ideal for both athletes and those coming to Pilates from traditional fitness workouts. Our Instructors will switch it up to give you variety, with emphasis on safe and effective full body exercises. This workout will train your body from the inside out. All levels welcome.  Please bring athletic shoes for the 2nd half of class.

REF Fusion

Beginning with Reformers moving to the VibePlates and TRX,  this class is designed to increase strength, mobility, endurance and enhance recovery. T

REF Boost

This intermediate+ level workout boosts the pace of the class using the Reformers, small equipment & Cardio Tramps with HiiT methods to improve your cardio endurance. We will enjoy a full-body roll out or VibePlates to end the class. 

HERO - Ref/Barre/Vibe 

This class - nicknamed "HERO" is a studio favorite.  HERO begins  with warm ups and mobility exercises on the STOTT V2Max Pro Reformers. The class transitions to the BARRE and/or VibePlates. The workout will relieve stress, energize your body and put a smile on your face. ENJOY and be a HERO!

REF Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga

Target core strength, balance, flexibility, and proper alignment with Yoga Flows both on Reformers and VibePlates. Both types of equipment add a balance/stability challenge in their own way.

Our equipment will boost the benefits of yoga practice which include better spinal health, improved balance and posture, flexibility and range of motion.


Cardio VIBE

Set to an upbeat playlist, Cardio Vibe mixes whole body vibration with VibePlates, free weights and cardio with Yoga for an invigorating and detoxifying workout. The class focuses on building strength, flexibility and lean muscle mass with traditional yoga poses, as well as squats, lunges and upper body toning.

Step'n Vibe

A Tuesday morning favorite..Step'n Vibe is the ONLY ONE OF IT'S KIND.  It's a step class with the addition of Whole Body Vibration on Vibe Plates to boost cardiovascular fitness and have fun. If you loved Step Class in the 80's or 90's, you'll love this class. Step'n Vibe is choreographed to music and will keep you coming back. 50 min. Athletic shoes required.


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